Monday, September 7, 2009

What’s Special about Canon Printers

Canon printers have something special about them. They are made of the finest quality that has built the Canon name and comes with the most advanced technological innovations in the world of imaging and printing.

1. Canon Printer Choices

There are a lot of Canon printers, but all of them are impressive that choosing one is quite difficult.

There are the :

  • speedy Canon laser printers,
  • regular inkjets
  • photo inkjet printers,
  • compact photo printers,
  • professional large format inkjet printers,
  • versatile all-in-one inkjet printers.

Under their laser printers, they have both monochrome printers and color ones.

2. Canon Photo Inkjet Printers

Their photo inkjet printers include ordinary photo printers as well as their special Pixma Pro professional photo printers. Their regular inkjet printers are priced at around $79 to $249, while their Pixma products are more expensive, with prices starting at $499 to $849. They also have special compact photo printers named Selphy and large-format printers with the imagePRO GRAF technology, but these aren’t desktop printers.

3. Multi-function Printers

Finally, they also have two lines of multi-function printers. The MX series is made for the office, while the MP series is made for lab-quality, professional photo printing. The MP series are priced at around $69 up to $299, while the MX office all-in-ones start at $99 up to $399.

You can choose from among their various offers to find the one that best suits your needs and your budget. There will surely be a Canon printer for you.


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