Friday, August 28, 2009

Printer Can Print Without Ink and Electricity

If the printer hardware typically uses an electric current and ink, but in the future probably will not find a printer like that again. In the Greener Gadgets design competition, the printer Riti is eco-friendly printer that will hit the market with immediate computer printer.

Printer Riti using coffee grounds or tea to make a computer printout. To use the printer Riti, put a piece of paper, place the coffee grounds or tea into the casing at the top ink printer. Then move the ink casing to the left and the right to print the image. It was all done without using electricity, according to a report from the Greener Gadgets.

Therefore Riti printer only works manually, the printer is not ideal for a large project, and can only print in black and white. However, overall the printer Riti is more cost effective purchase of ink and electricity usage.


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