Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What type of a printers in the market

a. Letter Quality
Is a printer that can print with a quality such as typewriter so the writing is solid and clear. Quality letter type using element to print the letters, such as the IBM electric typewriter which uses a ball element. Weaknesses dad is a letter quality printer is average speed between 8-80 characters per second but can not print the weaknesses graphics.

b. Dot Matrix
Dot matrix is the system the formation of a number of characters point dot matrix printer has the element consisting of needles so depressing ribbon can print on paper. How to print is called impact. The advantages of this printer is printing speeds that reached 400 cps, which is five times faster and can print graphics., but the letters are not as good  Quality letter. How weaknesses of these printers work is printed from left to right, then from right to left on the next line, so to print one line of text to be slow.

c. Thermal Printer
Quality thermal printers with dot matrix because it works the same principle, only the thermal printers use heat and not pressure or impact. The advantage of thermal printers are more. quiet (not noisy) and has a high speed of 6 pages per minute, his weakness is the need to use special paper.

d. Ink jet
Inkjet printers use ink. 'Printer "using an electric charge so more calm and have a high speed of s / d 270 cps, and can be included with colored ink. The downside to ink jet printers use special paper so that the mold must be dry before  other color on him.

e. Laser Printer
How it works is almost the same printer with photocopy machines, photocopy machines the difference in reflection focused on a rotating cylinder, while laser printers are created with image point by point as semiconductor lasers. Quality of the writing laser is similar to the letter because 1cm quality dad 750 points. Print speed is 8 pages weakness permenit expensive.

f. Interface
Printer can be connected to a computer in series with the RS-232C or parallel with Centronic. But because the world has not the default printer, computer technology and then to run a different printer types can be used a computer the software.

g. Plotter
Plotter is one of the output device used to draw graphs and others. The difference with the printer using the digital system, which is analog. Example graph plotter is ECG (Electro Cardiograph) is a tool used to determine the potential of the pulsating heart, or a seismograph needle to record the vibrations of the earth. Plotter can draw graphs on paper, plastic, or in transparent plastic to be used


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