Thursday, September 3, 2009

Canon announces voice-guided SELPHY ES40 photo printer

SELPHY Canon's just unveiled a compact little photo printer -- the SELPHY ES40. Now, we don't have a ton of info to go on in the press release, but we do know that this little guys boasts a voice-guidance system to work with its 3.5-inch LCD and scrollwheel to navigate through the menus.

The SELPHY ES40 features a voice guidance system that gives users step-by-step instruction while printing or editing photos.   As one Canon rep put it, "it's like having a SELPHY technician in your back pocket.Canon USA showed off the new star of the SELPHY Compact Photo Printer lineup, the voice-guided SELPHY ES40,

We don't usually find printers to be in any way interesting, but there's something about this one that we rather like -- maybe it's the fact that we've been "talking" to our own printers for years, and have sadly never gotten a response. No word on availability yet, but it'll run you around $149.99 when it arrives

But the cool new voice guidance system isn't the only feature worth mentioning on the SELPHY ES40.  It also features a large 3.5 inch LCD, the integrated Easy Scroll wheel and new Creative Print options. And the SELPHY ES40, like its predecessors, is also very portable

The Canon SELPHY ES40 will be available for the estimated retail price of $149.99.


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