Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finding a Laser Printer With Two-Sided Printing

Assess your needs. A laser printer is a serious investment and duplex laser printers are often higher in price than the average laser printer. Do you need this duplex laser printer to be a workhorse in a network of computers, or is it just for simple at-home user

Set a budget. You have assessed your printing needs. Now you need to examine how much you (or your business) are willing to spend to get the printer that meets most of these needs. Do online research. Using an Internet search engine, you can easily find Web sites dedicated to comparing different brands and models of duplex laser printers in all price ranges.

Read ratings and reviews online. Each duplex laser printer will be rated and/or scored in various categories. Each printer will be given an overall rating/score.  Compare your duplex printers in side-by-side comparisons. Important comparisons to make include image quality, printer speed and network capability.

Research printer quality and speed. Resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi). Quite simply, the higher the dpi, the better the print quality. Print speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). Memory is an important category for comparison. If you have several different people using the same printer and more than one job is sent to the printer at once, printers without sufficient memory will lose jobs and sometimes freeze.

Read customer reviews on duplex laser printers. Find out what people who have already bought that printer have to say about it. Research online customer reviews by typing in the brand name and model of your duplex printer into a search engine.

Call around to different electronics and department stores and find the best price on the duplex printer you want. Compare these results with prices you find online.


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