Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet-25, HP LaserJet reveal 'New Adek'

Celebrating 25 years of existence of brand LaserJet, Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced a new sub-branding. Hopefully, this sub-brand can help companies choose the device that matches their business needs.

Sub-brand of it is the HP LaserJet HP LaserJet HP LaserJet Professional and Enterprise. Companies in the level of SMEs subjected HP LaserJet Professional ranks, while the HP LaserJet Enterprise target larger companies.

According to official information received by HP ITGazine, Wednesday (16/9/2009), here are some of the latest line of HP LaserJet:

  1. HP Color LaserJet CP4520 Enterprise. This product can be used for shared interests for the working group in large numbers. Printer is equipped with high-capacity paper handling is also claimed to have more security features solid.
  2. HP Color LaserJet CP4020 Enterprise. This product is intended for use in the network in order to produce color prints with a relatively affordable cost.
  3. HP Scanjet 7000n Enterprise Document Capture Workstation. Multipurpose product can print the document claimed A4 sheet-fed quickly and become a mainstay for enterprise-class HP.
  4. Enterprise HP Scanjet 9000 Sheet-feed Scanner. This product is able to work at speeds up to 60ppm for the printer and the 120 HDI for scannernya.
  5. HP Jetdirect ew2500 Wireless Print Server. This product allows 'share' the printer through a wireless network. This printer supports an Ethernet wired network and WiFi 802.11b / g.
  6. HP LaserJet CC364XD. This is a Dual Pack Black Print Cartridge can be used for series HP LaserJet P4015 and P4510.

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